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Payment Mode

1) Our associates will come down to your place and collect the payment. You will be issued with the receipt on the spot.
2) You can also come and pay at our company.

For payment via RTGS / NEFT, please refer to our Bank details below.

Beneficiary Name: Siri Web Designing
Branch Address:
Ground Floor, Beside Pillar No. 210, M Q Splendour, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad - 500048
Bank Account No: 6642000100045101
IFSC: KARB0000664
MICR: 500052013

Once the transaction happen, the reference id of the transaction should be mailed to info@siriwebdesigning.com
For payment via mobile banking or UPI, please refer to our details below.

Siri Web Designing
A/c no: 6642000100045101
IFSC : KARB0000664
G-Pay, Phone Pay, UPI & BHIM
Srikanth Palavai
+91 9848226021
For payment via Cheque, please refer to our account details below.

Branch: Rajendranagar
Beneficiary Name: Siri Web Designing
Bank Account No: 6642000100045101

Once the cheque is deposited, the cheque number and the scanned
copy of chalan acknowledgement should be shared to info@siriwebdesigning.com

Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms
The payment of the project will be detailed in the proposal. Web development job work required a 50% payment prior to commencement of the work and 50% on completion and prior to the launch of the site. Invoices will be issued for the work.

Completion Timeframe
Siri web designing agrees to complete the website within a specified period.

Sign-Off on System Layout -Proposal
A proposal will be provided for all projects completed and the client accepts that the payment or part payment of the services constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions provided by Siri web designing. A person representing the company and signing the agreement for the services must be authorized to do so by the company. Siri web designing will prepare a sample template for the home page. Unless it is approved we are not going to move further. After approval, it can’t be altered. Confirmation of the home page should be done in seven working days.

Web Site Sign Off
The Client will review the completed site, and once it has been approved, the site will be launched.
Essential content including text and specific images is to be supplied by the Client prior to commencement of development.
1) 365* Days Maintenance free.
2) *After the completion of the client’s website if pages to be added according to client choice, they will not be charged.
3) *In case of the entire web theme has to be changed then charges will be applicable accordingly.
Client authorizes Siri web designing to record the name of the web design company, Siri web designing, on the base of the home page (at the footer) in small print.
Photos and Videos
High-resolution photos and other graphic images and videos are to be supplied by the Client. If images (Web images, Animated gif images, etc..) are supplied by Siri web designing, they remain the property of Siri web designing and may be used in future developments.

Damages to the Site after Handover
The company is not going to provide any control panel access. In the case of the client needs to access it, then Siri web designing will not be any responsibility for damages or errors made to the site by the Client/ third party.
Termination of Agreement
If a Client breaks the agreement prior to completion of the web site, a calculation on work completed and unbilled will be made, including all work in progress and this payment is required by the Client to clear within seven calendar days.
Any jurisdiction related client and company will come under Hyderabad Telangana.

Intellectual Property
Siri web designing will utilize web content material which may be subject to trademark or copyright. These items are warranted by the client as having the appropriate approvals and consent from the parties before owning that content. Any intellectual property owned by Siri web designing used in the development of a web site or internet marketing processes remains the intellectual property of Siri web designing and may only be reproduced or copied only after getting approved from Siri web designing.
Risk passes to the client upon delivery of the services. The services provided will remain the property of Siri web designing until all debts are paid in full.

Force Majeure
No party under this agreement shall be liable for any breach of any provision of this contract arising from an act of natural disaster, terrorism, war or any other occurrence beyond the control of any party.
·         Our services will not include a payment gateway to the website. If required there is an additional charge for it.
·         SEO services not providing.
·         The website will be launched only after receiving  full payment.
·         You will receive the renewal notice approximately one month before the expiration date.
·         Renewal should be done in time. If delay Siri web designing is not responsible for any collapse of the website.


Why need a website?
Why Your Business Needs a Website. Websites work. No matter what your business or profession, a website can generate business, promote goodwill among customers and prospects, and deliver strong marketing messages - whether your business is small, large or in-between, well-established or brand-new.

Why do small businesses need a website?
Websites are valuable for any business, large or small. They help you be found online by potential customers, connect with existing customers directly through social media and email, and market your products/services. But, are websites a worthwhile financial investment for small businesses?
What is the benefit of the website?
A well-maintained website can help you gain a competitive advantage in your industry and improve your business image. Developing your website offers many benefits including helping you get more leads and prospects, increase sales, enhance your professional brand, and improve your customer service.

Do you assist us to get the domain name of our choice?
Yes, as a registered user, we assist you to get a domain name on webnish.com. If you already have a domain name, you can use that as well. If you need any help and assistance, get in touch with our Associate.

Is our hosted website secure and protected?
Yes, your website is secure and protected. We confirm to strict security guidelines as defined by the industry. Furthermore, your content hosted on Webnish servers is secure and protected behind firewalls.

Is the website design relevant to my/our field of specialization?
Yes, every design that you choose from the Webnish design repository has been developed after a thorough study of design components to suit every individual business’s specialization(s).

Can I/we change the pre-built content provided by you to my/our requirements?
Yes, you can change the pre-built content of your website anytime to bring in the desired relevance and focus.

Can I/we opt for a change in the website theme after my/our website goes live?
Yes, you can switch to another theme even after your website has gone live.

Can I/we change the default banner image on the template I/we choose?
Yes, you can change and replace the default banner image on your website with one of your choices.

How safe is my/our personal data being used on my/our website?
All personal data used on your website is very safe and secure on our servers.

Can I/we add more number of pages to my/our website?
Yes, you can add more pages. However, the type of pricing tier that you opt for limits the number of pages.

How soon does my/our website go live once I/we have registered?
After registering with us and on the successful preview of your website and payment towards it, your website goes live.

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